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Product Details: 

Our one of the most favorite fragrance is now available in candle form so that you can prolong the experience of your favorite No.94 scent in your living spaces. You can enjoy the gentle flaming glow and the sensual scent of No.94 while creating a unique and luxury experience in your home or wherever you want. Elevate your experience of the memorable scent of No.94 and fill your space with a harmony of Jasmine, Saffron, amber wood and cedar thanks to this artistically crafted candle. With its 350gr packaging, enjoy the 50 hours burning pleasure of your favorite scent.

Use Instructions:

Straighten the wick before lighting the candle. Never put it near any flammable objects to avoid fire risk. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Remove all the packaging material. Trim wick to 0.5 cm prior to each use. Keep it away from air currents temperature above 30°C and direct sunlight. Keep matches, wick trimmings and other foreign objects out of the wax. Burn the candle for no longer than 3 to 4 hours at a time. Allow candle glass to cool before touching or moving it. Always light the candles where you can see them. Do not use it where pregnant women, infants and those with respiratory disorders are present. Keep it away from any food. Do not directly inhale and avoid contact with skin.

Made in Turkey

Creation: No. 94

Size: 350g


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